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Société Française des Traducteurs,

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Sample projects

Website presenting new products for the international leader in the jewellery market and second-ranked watchmaker.


Securities note, stock option plan, kit and brochure for the world leader in critical information systems for the defence, security, aerospace, and transportation industries.


Advertising campaign for an international hotel group.


Website and marketing campaign for a major Italian luxury brand.


Catalogues and descriptions of artworks for the leading museums in Paris.


My rates vary depending on the service, project, content, and deadline. I generally calculate my rates as follows: 

  • translation: rate per word (source text)
  • transcreation: hourly rate
  • copywriting: hourly rate or by standard page
  • editing: hourly rate or by word (target text)


For a quote, please contact me directly or use the form.


Please click on the following link in order to download my General Terms of Sale.

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