Translation from English and French into Italian

A good translation should make sense, communicate the spirit and style of the original, read like a natural text and be easily understood without reminding people that it was originally written in a foreign language; at the same time, it should inspire the same reaction in the reader. 


Language pairs:

  • English> Italian
  • French> Italian


Key sectors of specialization:

  • Arts and Culture
  • Business and Finance
  • Communication and Media
  • Luxury and Beauty


Moreover: Social sciences and International relations. For translations in other sectors or in other language pairs, I would be happy to take a close look at your texts, and if necessary, recommend another translator.

Sample documents:


advertising slogans and posters

brochures and leaflets

exhibition catalogues

in-house magazines

marketing campaigns 

marketing presentations


press releases

product specifications

sales reports

sales presentations

securities notes

stock option plans


texts for mobile applications

training guides and sheets


When mere translation is not enough, especially for advertising, communication and marketing copy, you need transcreation or creative translation: rewriting the text in a foreign language for a different culture, so that it takes into account the linguistic context, cultural climate and audience for which it is intended.


For a better idea of what professional translation implies, I recommend visiting the website of the ATA, American Translators Association, which offers two valuable guides to “help distinguish between effective and less effective translations, between reasonable and unrealistic terms and conditions, between the advantages of working with a professional and the risks of ‘DIY’”.


You may click on the following links in order to download the guides:


Translation: getting it right


Translation: Buying a non-commodity
How translation standards can help buyers & sellers

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